Josephine Faraday

My name is Jo.

I'm a Lead Designer in the Bay Area.

With nearly 20 years of experience under my belt, I am multidisciplinary and have designed for web, mobile and print. I’ve done it all - from Brand Identity to UX/UI and everything in between. I take pride in my ability to effectively collaborate with engineering, project management, and marketing teams in an agile environment.

My Work

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About Me

As a designer, I’ve done front-end development for a massive e-commerce site. I’ve worked for an agency. I’ve designed hundreds of templates. I’ve designed an internal software application. I’ve helped re-brand a company. I've managed a team in the re-design of a video and social networking site, increasing visitors by 350% and unique pageviews from 650k to 3.2mm within the first month. I've led the re-design of a major database-driven site which cut load times by 75% and significantly improved usability. I've also designed convention banners, business cards, posters, stickers, etc.


In my spare time I like to read - I’m a non-fiction, design, and self-help junkie. I also like to draw cute things and practice hand-lettering. I am particularly fond of tokidoki, anime, karaoke, video games... and my Newfie, Daruk.

I occasionally volunteer my services as a designer and I’m currently a Board Member of the Pacifica Education Foundation.

I am also passionate about helping our youth. I’m designing a suite of apps for children with Autism and I mentor future designers.